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In this post we’re going to keep a record of examples of how our data can be used for good – and signpost sites where other examples can be found. Amongst the coverage given to concerns over privacy, it’s important that the other side of the debate is presented.

Our Data Mutual wants to find a middle ground where privacy issues are taken seriously and managed at an individual level while enabling the opportunities that data offers to build a better society. We’d like to keep updating it so please do feel free to let us know about examples you find and we’ll keep adding to the list.

  1. – These guys have set up a great site for recording examples of data being used for good. Well worth a trawl and revisiting from time to time.
  2. – In this example, data was used from previous cyclone incidents and compared to the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Using OpenStreetMap the teams on the ground were able to add data to the map context and help coordinate the emergency response.
  3. – Not as bad as it sounds, this website is full of stories and comment on current issues often referring to the use of data in uncovering the true facts.
  4. – This project combines fitness with doing good in the community. Why just go for a run when you can meet like-minded people, be assigned ‘community missions’ and brighten an otherwise isolated older person’s day?!
  5. – The Open Data Institute is the brainchild of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with the creation of the internet. He believes that by providing ‘open data’ from our civic and corporate institutions we can build greater transparency and accountability. This section of the ODI website provides some examples of how ‘open data’ has been used in society.
  6. Open Data Challenges – Nesta are supporting a series of Open Data Challenges across a wide range of topics – there are some really exciting ideas coming forward.

One comment on “Data for good

  1. Tobias Pfaff says:

    Thanks for adding to your list. Great that you like it. Please post your favorite projects there!

    You might want to add Data Science for Social Good Fellowship, DataKind and Bayes Impact to your list – all leading examples for “data for good”.

    Good luck with your project. Sounds interesting. We’ll follow it.

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